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The Mandarin Chinese School in Rome

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The Mandarin Chinese School in Rome


The ding li school is a private institute which specialises in teaching mandarin chinese language and culture, providing added value to the quality of its courses.

Each student is individually supervised, and their progression is closely monitored. Classes are made up of a maximum of 8 students, and the duration of each lesson is sixty minutes.
Each of our teachers are mother tongue and highly qualified.
Our teaching technique consists of a simple, immediate and direct approach to the learning process of the chinese mandarin language.
Each of our students are confident that they will obtain satisfying results and achieve their goals, in order to put them into practice in the work place, school and at university. A strong interest in the language and culture of the ancient chinese population creates a wonderful atmosphere for each lesson, paying particular attention to the needs and interests of the students.
Mandarin chinese courses are offered to students from the age of six.
Young children have the ability to learn the language easily, with the multimedia edition of "easy and fun chinese for kids". With this alluring method of the use of cartoons and songs, the language is learnt in an enjoyable yet effective way, by means of singing and playing games and children begin to write and express themselves in a very short amount of time. The courses for teenagers and adults are adapted to the classification of proficiency according to the european standard of foreign languages. How method of teaching is used the multimedia product "interactive chinese"

At the end of each course students are presented with a certificate of attendance which is recognised by both companies and schools.
Furthermore, students are prepared for the hsk examination foreseen by the minister of chinese culture.
We prepare our students for various levels including beginner, intermediate, advanced, business chinese, secretarial and tourism. We assist our students to sit the exams either in italy or in china at the university of yantai.

Yantai is a beautiful place by the sea situated on the peninsula of shandong, a region rich of natural beauty and history, just an hour plane journey from beijing.
The ding li school organizes study abroad programs in both summer and winter at the university of yantai. This university is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in china, also for its chinese language courses for foreigners.

The ding li school has become a recognised establishment by sinolingua and the publishing house c.I.P.G., china international publishing group, exclusive in italy for its merchandising "chinese interactive" and "easy and fun chinese for kids", the best multimedia products for learning mandarin chinese.

Our calligraphy courses follow the ancient chinese tradition of the art of writing chinese characters with paint.
The craftsmanship of this handwriting puts a stress on the concentration of breathing and posture.
Participants often find this art form both rewarding and harmonious.
In addition to this the ding li school provides services in translation and interpretation both in italy and abroad.

8 Cd-Rom (+mp3) - 8 CD Audio - 8 BOOKS
3 difficulty levels:
Beginner - Intermediate - Adavanced
Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids
6 Cd-Rom (+mp3) - 6 CD Audio - 6 BOOKS and a cards pack
3 difficulty levels:
Beginner - Intermediate - Adavanced



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