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International Hotel Management College

Una delle migliori scuole al mondo per l'ospitalità

Les Roches offre corsi di laurea accreditati in management dell'ospitalità che ti preparano al successo.
I nostri programmi ineguagliabili di laurea e specializzazione sviluppano le tue competenze professionali, la multiculturalità e la leadership per carriere globali nell’ospitalità e nell'economia applicata.

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Discover Les Roches Jin Jiang Born out of a successful partnership between Les Roches
with its 60 years of Swiss experience in fostering top-level managers for the hospitality industry - and Jin Jiang - the largest hotel management group in China - Les Roches Jin Jiang (LRJJ) opened its doors 10 years ago.
Since then, we have welcomed over 1700 students from all over the world. For all of them, LRJJ has been a life changing opportunity that took them far in their professional journey.
We pioneered hospitality education in China then and continue today to be No. 1*.

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Our Academic Programs

Our industry-focused programs are delivered in English and designed to lead students through the numerous facets of hospitality by developing their operational, administrative and managerial expertise.
We achieve this careful balance by interlocking academic and craft-based learning.
Classroom Learning – It’s an essential component of all programs, where students will learn important business management theory.
Craft-based Learning – Learning from experience; through a combination of classroom learning and learning outside of the traditional class environment.
Internships – Real Life Experience; the opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained during academic semesters, and to develop a work ethos and the professional attitude required by the industry.

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The Hospitality Industry in Asia and in China

China is definitely the place to be for starting an international career in the hospitality industry.
The People’s Republic of China, with its dynamic economy and thriving cities, is well on its way to being the largest economy in the world! The tourism and hospitality industry is following this trend and is booming at an unprecedented rate. In 2013 it was a US$ 44 billion industry, projected to reach US$ 100 billion over the next 10 years. Estimates also indicate that China will be the world’s top travel destination by 2015. The most renowned international brands have opened their hotels and resorts in China and keep expanding their portfolios.

All this means high demand for qualified professionals mastering international standards of excellence.
On the other hand, Chinese travellers constitute the largest group of travellers abroad, and are the No.1 source market in the world, spending the most on international tourism. There were a record 97 million Chinese traveling abroad in 2013.

Within and beyond Asia, the industry is eagerly looking for international hospitality management professionals with experience studying and living in China, who have the skill set and cultural understanding required to accommodate Chinese clientele.



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